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How to Secure a Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket for Both Indoor & Outdoor Use!

Posted by May Sefin on

The bracket to secure an RFID antenna is just as significant as the antenna itself. A high-tech antenna that isn't securely fashioned will inevitably fall off, break or cease to function optimally. Being an antenna specialty organization, we focus just as much on quality antenna mounts as we do on the antennas. The build, design and durability are some of the factors we consider when selecting mounts for our customers.

That is why we loudly and proudly recommend part # HDMNT-100MM for RFID Antenna. 

Heavy-Duty Device

This antenna mounting bracket is not just heavy-duty in name but truly a rugged, heavy-duty piece. It is made from thick die-cast aluminum. It can hold 40 lbs quite easily. It can be used with antennas, enclosures, monitors, etc. Past customers find it to be very sturdy and reliable. 

Highly Compatible & Flexible

Another important feature of an antenna bracket is flexibility. It is lightweight for its size - coming in at only 1.9 lbs.- yet can carry heavier antennas with ease. It also comes complete with a mounting kit with ALL of the hardware that you will need to mount directly to a wall or to a pole/mast. This mount is designed to articulate 360 degrees which is very useful in RFID system installation as this help to point the panel RFID antennas in the direction needed to read the RFID tags.

This mount comes with hardware to accommodate mounting to a wall, or a pole with a diameter of 1-3 inches. You can also use "hose clamps" or "worm gear clamps" to attach the mount to a pole or bollard up to 12 inches in diameter as illustrated in the images below:

Furthermore, it is compatible with many types of antennas including:

Zebra AN520-FCL60010USPAL90209H-FNFPAR90209H-FNFS9028PCL96RTN, S9028PCR96RTN.

Indoor AND Outdoor Use

Part of this bracket's flexibility is that it works just as well indoors as it does outdoors. For businesses that need antennas for multiple uses, this is perfect. It rated to be used in indoor and outdoor environments whenever needed. It has already been tested and proven to be efficient for indoor or outdoor mounting of antennas, enclosures, and LCD computer displays & monitors.

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