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Antenna and Cable Options for Cuddeback Trail Cams!

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If you need to extend the range of the DUAL connector cellular Home Camera on your Cuddeback Trail Cam Network Home Camera, you have exactly two options:

Antenna Option # 1: Use when you KNOW the direction of the nearest Cell Tower

Here you need to use ONE directional antenna: part # PAS69278P-FNF; it has two connectors.

If you are choosing Option # 1, the high-powered “directional” panel antenna, buy ONE of these antennas.  It should be noted that they come with a basic mount, but you might need to install a pole or pipe to attach to. Those can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.

Antenna Option # 2: Use when you DO NOT KNOW the direction of the nearest Cell Tower

Here you should use TWO omni-directional antennas: part # RSGB-4G/5G-3-NF and TWO brackets, part # SBA1001, each with one connector.     

Based on our customers' feedback, both solutions work quite well, but bear in mind that if the cellular service is not good in the area, then it’s possible that the connection may not be improved much. We provide these solutions to you through our personalized services. 

After choosing the appropriate antenna, you have 2 more items on the agenda, which we will get into now.

Step 1: Determine the Connector

First, you need to determine the connector on your cellular antennas on the Cuddeback.  They are either Standard SMA Female or Reverse SMA Female. If your camera has Standard SMA Female connectors, then your cable will need a Standard SMA Male connector. However, if your camera has RPSMA Female connectors, then your cable will need a RPSMA Male connector.

Step 2: Purchase the Appropriate Cable

After determining the connector, you must purchase the right cable.  In any case, you will need two cables- a pair- to go with either solutions.  The antenna connections are always going to be type “N” but you still need to determine the proper camera connections.

If you have a Standard SMA Connector on your camera, buy TWO 10 foot cables, 15 foot cablesor 25 foot cables for Standard SMA connectors. 

 If you have Revere Polarity SMA Connector on your camera, buy TWO 10 foot cables15 foot cables, or 25 foot cables for RP-SMA connectors. 

If you face any hurdles in this process at all, please reach out to us any step of the way!:

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