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Successfully Locate Stolen Vehicles in Real Time with our 5G Dual Cellular Antenna (RBDM-55-SS-3)

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Customer Dilemma

We recently had a company come to us with a serious problem; they were relied on to provide license plate reader solutions to assist thousands of law enforcement agencies worldwide fight vehicle-related crime. Their ALPR/ANPR systems aid in recovering stolen vehicles and license plates, finding missing persons, aiding homeland security tactics and tracking down criminals. They were struggling to keep their services to law enforcement optimal due to faults with their current antenna system. 

Customer's Current Method to Achieve Connectivity

The customer is using Sierra Wireless RV55 & LX40 Cradlepoint IBR900 Cellular Modems. Until our meeting with them, this company was using two different Laird TRA6927M3PB-001 antennas plus two small-cable assemblies to create a MIMO system which became costly and they also needed to deal with two different SKU’s per order. It was time-consuming, confusing, and prone to several errors. Their clientele voiced concern over how slow the connection and speed was.     

How we Replaced their Complicated Legacy System with a More Sophisticated Antenna Solution

With the RBDM-55-SS-3, this became an all-in-one piece that provided the MIMO and cabling required in one single packaged unit. There is no need for multiple antennas and cable assemblies to have a system that can scan and read license plates. This company needs to be able to provide high-technology service that reads pertinent information in real-time! In the nature of the work that their clients are in, it can literally be the difference between life and death.

Part # RBDM-55-SS-3 is a dual-cellular (4G / 5G) device that comes with dual 3-foot cables and SMA Male connectors. It allows for lightning-fast access to the cellular network. It is also has helped ensure that ATM machines are able to clear bank transactions in seconds, and it has been used with digital signages; enabling them to upload and download media content at maximum speed.  

After connecting this company with our MIMO Antenna, they were satisfied with the faster speeds and uninterrupted connectivity. It solved this issue once and for all. For a matter as serious as law enforcement business and public safety, our upgraded antennas can actually help prevent deaths, crimes and further damage! 

*This unit was designed for use with MiMo 4G/LTE or 5G cellular modem gateways from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, PepLink, etc.*

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