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Case Study: Vending Equipment Distributor Lacking a High-Gain Antenna

Posted by May Sefin on

A vending parts distribution company was receiving a lot of complaints about the Credit Card readers on their machines not working properly due to poor connectivity. After investigating the matter, it was determined that the issue was a subpar antenna. The antenna devices being connected to these vending machines, atms, or digital signages were of poor quality. The end customers were using Cantaloupe / OptConnect / WTI / Crane Navigator / NAYAX credit card readers.

We were contacted to solve this business problem. We assessed their needs thoroughly and provided them with a heavy duty 5G Antenna Mag mount antenna. Out of the many varieties we carry, we sent the company the best fit for their needs: Part # RBMM-55-SS-6.

This antenna solved the dilemma of the business interruptions that were occurring frequently at a lot of the machines being distributed. Being high-gain allowed for reliable data transmission as well as faster connectivity.

The current antenna system this company was using was lacking in quality, ruggedness and reliable. It would lose connection or fall off as shown in the image above. Most of all, its lack of speed and connectivity was apparent. When speaking with people from the company, connectivity was the most important factor for their business. The cellular antenna we provided has fast connectivity and quick data transfer and storage. The super-efficient wireless technology built into these antennas allows for FAST access to the cellular network. This ensures that micro markets/vending machines can clear bank transactions in seconds, and digital signage is able to upload and download media content at maximum speed.

Business owners need to keep in mind reliable connectivity above all other things when choosing an antenna and that is what RFMAX antennas are designed and built to do.

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