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How a New RFMAX Antenna Protected Sensitive Assets on Multiple Job Sites

Posted by May Sefin on

A Mobile Surveillance Company had a dilemma when it came to protecting the assets of their clients. Being relied on to serve the electronic security, fire, surveillance, access gates and access control solutions markets, this company literally could not fail to not uphold its responsibilities. The company plays the role of a virtual security guard with video verification and live monitoring. It struggled to provide adequate service due to not having an appropriate antenna. The customer was using a Cradlepoint IBR900 Modem/Router. The company was in need of a 5-in-1, low-profile, and rugged antenna.

The Solution

Our RFMAX "Brick" Antenna provided the solution this company desperately needed. Their surveillance equipment pictured above needed a special antenna. It is increasingly hard to find a 5-in-1 Multiple Input, Multiple Output 5G low-profile rugged antenna. Our part # RBDM-G55WW-2-SSSRR-B had all these exact features and it was delivered to them immediately. We appreciate the importance of protecting sensitive data and acted fast, urgently providing this antenna and the short cables that pair with it. 

The Necessity of High Quality Antennas

In a case study like the one mentioned here, quality cannot be overlooked or underestimated. A business like this one is relied on across many levels of government and the possibility for data breaching or missing crucial information or spaces in time can turn out to be highly dangerous. This Brick antenna is ultra-rugged meaning protection, high-gain at all frequencies meaning maximum connection speeds, and low-profile meaning fitting for the space it needs to occupy. It is of the highest quality and standard and thankfully was available to help this company in their time of need.

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