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The Tripod Mounting Solution - How to Perfectly Secure your Antenna

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There are so many issues to be concerned over when installing an Antenna. The Antenna can break off, lose connection, deteriorate, become compromised or a number of other possibilities. One must choose quality devices and unfailing mounts to prevent any interruption as much as is possible. RFMAX's Mounting Tripod provides the reliability needed for consumers.

The Tripod Advantage

The perk of a tripod is that it is a steady way to keep a device balanced. The weight is equally distributed among the three sides. It will keep your antenna device secure so that it can perform its function without interruption. That is why a tripod device is preferable. A single-legged piece of mounting equipment is more likely to break down from the constant weight of the antenna. A tripod divides the weight and does not break down. 

Flexible - Adjustable & Portable

Being a flexible piece of equipment is very important with any piece of technology. It is definitely the case with Antenna support technology. This new Tripod system is able to be adjusted in height dramatically - anywhere from 4 to 6.5 feet. This feature comes in clutch. Consumers have enjoyed the flexibility when needing to often change the elevation of the mount. It can also hold up to 132 pounds with ease. Heavy Antenna or other such device is not a problem with this mount!

The Tripod is also portable and can be easily picked up and moved around without affecting the device at all. It is lightweight yet carries heavy equipment, making it truly a dependable and long-lasting mount. The quality is too smart to fail. 

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