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Picking the Right Adhesive Mount Antenna

Posted by May Sefin on

If you specifically need an adhesive mount Antenna for your business purposes, the "Shark" 3 in 1 comes into view because of its dominance in this niche. Some of its useful features are

Highly Fitting for Roof Use


The RFMAX RSF-AW-G4W-SSS 3-in-1 White Adhesive Mount Sharkfin Style Antenna is the best choice for a roof mounted unit. It operates at 698 thru 5875 MHz. This operating frequency is one of its perks as it is very suitable for public safety vehicles and fleet use. 

Flexible Accommodation

One of the highlights of the Sharkfin is that its adhesive mounting pad can accommodate any metallic roof surface. This comes handy when considering the fact that roof surfaces have many different sizes and textures and it is not easy to find a one-size-fits-all product. However, RFMAX brings a solution in the creation of its Sharkfin model. Easy mounting is a highly favored quality when looking for the right antenna.

All Encompassing 3-in-1 Antenna with Easy Installation!

This particular antenna is a Single antenna that supports ALL THREE signals: GPS, Cellular, and WIFI. It is of a small and compact build, standing at : 3.5" tall x 4" in diameter. This makes its installation easier and its placement not as obvious or noticeable. It comes with three separate 17 ft. cables with SMA connectors. This is the utmost installation flexibility any antenna can offer. 

For all these advantageous features and more, this comes out strong as the most reliable adhesive mounting Antenna you can easily purchase.

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