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Keep Signals Strong and Uninterrupted with an Outdoor Yagi Antenna

Posted by May Sefin on

A truly impressive and innovative antenna now available is the RFMAX Outdoor Yagi Antenna. It is unique in design, performance, and reliability. There has recently been a surge in demand for this specific Antenna model. We aim to pinpoint the assets of the Outdoor Yagi. 

Nine Elements of Transmission!

The Outdoor Yagi has 9 elements. This is many more than what you will see on the vast market of antennas. So many elements help direct the flow of transmission and the more elements the more directions signal can transmit outwardly. The focus from each element is precise. Therefore, the Yagi provides strong signals with a laser focus in every possible direction. There is nothing quite like that.


The Yagi Antenna is called versatile due to its adaptability. It works with 4G/5G LTE bands from Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, and Sprint as well as the new 617 MHz / BAND 71 from T-Mobile/Sprint and CBRS Bands 42 and 48 (3.4-3.7 GHz). It has high gain and operates on 5G and within the 617-698 MHz range. Having high gain makes it successful in its reach and it is also designed to withstand 126MPH winds. 

Unbreakable Build

 The mounting plate on this antenna is heavy duty and made of extruded aluminum. Stainless steel V bolts are provided for long term reliability and resistance to corrosion. All the possible wear and tear and external threats of destruction are made virtually impossible by the well-designed and sturdy build of an outdoor Yagi. This fact alone makes the Yagi Antenna a solid investment.

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