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Why The 4G LTE MIMO Antenna is Considered a Leading Antenna Today

Posted by May Sefin on

The patented antenna featured above has an edge on many of the antennas featured in today's market. Its performance, its design, its application and its ease of installation are all highlights of the device. Read on for a deep dive into this 4G masterpiece.

Performance Level

This is a very high performance antenna. That is actually understating the reality. At only 12x12 inches in dimension it is able to produce between 8-10 dBi gain from 698-2700 Mhz. This is impressive when comparing to much larger antennas with less gain. It provides signal-boosting properties and does not disappoint the end user who is looking for performance above all. 

High Capabilities

This antenna is highly flexible. Although it is 4G, it is pairable with 3G. It is also pairable with domestic LTE 700, global LTE 2600, WiMax 2300/2500, domestic cellular and global GSM. It is weatherproof and UV protective! This comes highly desired due to the rough weather conditions and wear and tear that is inevitable. It conforms to the restrictions RoHS and complies to all its standards. 

Application & Design

The antenna is also used well with In-building Wireless Networks as well as Wireless Terminal, Point-of- Sale, Machine-to-Machine. It is a compact size - only 12x12 inch - and comes in a sleek marble color. It also comes with a standard wall or pole mounting kit. Did we mention it mounts seamlessly on a pole or wall equally? This is not a basic antenna by any means!

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