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Why the RFMAX "Hockey Puck" Antenna is so Popular

Posted by May Sefin on

RFMAX's "Hockey Puck"  is an industry favorite for many features it holds. It is a multi element Antenna that has proved its efficiency time and time again. Lets get into the details that set apart this Antenna from others on the market. 

Magnetic Mount

Magnetic mounts are one of the easiest and most seamless mounting methods available. They stick right on and you will not experience any mounting issues. The ease of the mounting is a major advantage point. 

Transmission Efficiency

The transmission here is measured using VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). This measures how well radio frequency power is transmitted from a power source. The VSWR for this Antenna is 2.1, which is the ideal for low-power applications. The transmission provided by the "Hockey Puck" is top-notch and perfect for use on vehicles and many other uses.

Lightweight & Smart Design

Another edge of the "Hockey Puck" is its paper-thin weight. It is very light to move, carry or transport, weighing in at only .29 of a pound or 130 grams. Heavier antennas being sold are more complex to use and assemble and are therefore not as desired by consumers. Its round and sturdy design is not only ergonomic but calls to mind the strong hockey puck it resembles and how tough that piece can be. The Hockey Puck Antenna will outlast other Antennas due to its strong exterior alone.


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