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What Makes RFMAX NMO Motorola Mounts So Special?

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NMO Motorola Style Mounts are a class of mounts all on their own. On the Antenna mount market they are differentiated for at least three reasons:

1.  Differentiation

Our NMO Mount collection is very vast, with all different models for the many varied purposes our clients require mounts. We aim to fill a business need with a custom solution. Some of these are Thru-Hole, Magnetic, and Thick mounts. We have many from each category in stock. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the best-suited type.

2. Robust Building Materials

NMO Mounts are rugged pieces of mounting equipment. The panel mounts inside are thick and brass material. They have nickel plating. Strong and resilient building materials are necessary for the long-span use that industrial/ business users plan for.

3. Flexible thickness Range and Use

The RFMAX adjustable thick NMO Mounts are fully adjustable when it comes to the thickness of the vehicle roof. It can be as thin as 1/8 inch or as thick as 1/2 an inch. The mounts come with a long 17ft cable and connectors pre-installed, making for very flexible and versatile use. These mounts are praised for being quick and easy installations by past customers. 

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