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The Latest in RFID Technology! Heavy duty Antenna Mounts

Posted by May Sefin on

The importance of RFID Antenna systems is often overlooked. RFID Antennas enable large-scale businesses to function and thrive knowing they are protected. The technology of RFID Antennas is still remarkable. And it only develops further as time goes on. That's why we are highlighting the latest RFID Antenna tools that allow these Antennas to mount and perform at an optimal level. Click the images below to find out more👇


New Indoor/Outdoor Mounting Bracket (HDMNT-100MM)

 The image shows that even on a thick and wide pole, the RFMAX Mounting Bracket secures firmly around without issue. It can be used on antennas, enclosures, and monitors. With the kit you can attach it to the different surfaces immediately. The material is comprised of sturdy aluminum and can hold up to 40 lbs. Whether you are needing to mount your RFID antenna in an outdoor setting or inside, it works just as well for both!

(Compatible with: Zebra AN520-FCL60010US, PAL90209H-FNF, PAR90209H-FNF, S9028PCL96RTN, S9028PCR96RTN)


Heavy Duty Antenna Mount for Zebra, Impinj and More (HDMNT-150MM)

This is deemed heavy duty due to its die-cast aluminum material build. It is designed to mount antennas from brands Zebra, Impinj and MIST / Juniper. The necessary hardware comes along with it to allow mounting to a wall, pole or uni-strut. No further purchases are necessary. Mounting is firm, secure, and very long-lasting. It is a High-tech Antenna Mount fitting for the challenges of a fast-paced modern world. 

(This mount REPLACES Zebra BRKT-70661-01R and BRKT-70662-01R .

It is designed for Zebra AN480, AN440, Impinj RFID Antennas IPJ-A1000, IPJ-A1001, IPJ-A1000-EU1, IPJ-A1001-EU1),Invengo's XC-AF26


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