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The Triple Pass Antenna - The Triple Threat for Havis and Gamber Johnson Docking Stations

Posted by May Sefin on

When looking for a great antenna for your Havis or Gamber Johnson Docking station you need an Antenna that is designed for that purpose. The "Brick" Triple Pass Antenna has proven reliability and comes with 1 x GPS/GNSS, 1 x 5G/4G/LTE, 1 x WiFi lines. Read on to find out more about the unique advantages of our Triple Pass Antenna.

5G and WiFi Coverage

The Triple Pass Antenna has the latest Dual band WiFi6e, WiFi6 and 5G/4G/LTE coverage frequencies. It uses TNC Male Connectors and 17 Ft of 195 Low loss cable to Maximize the efficiency of your Computers/Tablets. 

Secure Connection and Low Profile

The fact that the installation is so seamless ensures a secure connection time and time again. Because the installation is comprised of a direct mount and does not need any additional tools, it is very user-friendly. The signal will not be interrupted by a faulty mount or the possibility of a piece breaking off as this is a one-piece solution. 

The Antenna is only 1.8" tall and due to its low-profile design the vehicle users do not have to worry about the antenna when going through garage doors, lower tree branches, or car washes.


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