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Finding an Antenna that will Survive Technological Changes

Posted by May Sefin on

Antennas as well as other digital products (which also require antennas) are always susceptible to changes in the technology industry. Technology expands and advances rapidly in our current times. Therefore, business owners need to look for an antenna that will survive changes and continue to be an asset in the long term.

The "Shotglass" Antenna 🥃

This omnidirectional RSGB-4G/5G-3-NF antenna with an interesting name is one of the few antennas on the market that fulfill business needs for owners. It radiates from all sides, making its reach complete. It is 5G with the added advantage of being 4G/LTE backward compatible for older still active systems. It has a strong power rating of 45 Watts while being lightweight at just 76 grams and low profile in build, only 3.77” in height. It operates at 617-960/1695-7125 MHz.

However, these specifications do not set apart the "Shotglass." 

Ideal for Kiosks and Other Stationary Applications

This 4G/5G Antenna is perfect if you operate kiosks, ATMs, or vending machines. They work well with the nature of these businesses because of their low-profile nature. The "Shotglass" is inconspicuous, transmitting signals without distracting from the look of a kiosk. It operates at a frequency conducive to digital signage systems and other stationary applications used for these types of shops. Whether opening up a pop-up shop or kiosk or opening a business operating vending machines and the like, the "Shotglass" fits right in and has proven efficiency in these types of business ventures. 

RSGB-4G/5G-3-NMO is another model here of the high-performance omnidirectional antenna. It is just as heavy-duty, and low-profile, with an NMO and extensive all-in-one 5G, 4G/LTE, P25, and WiFi support. It is the premier antenna for SUVs, vans, cars, and other vehicular uses in Public Safety or fleets, due to its efficiency in transmitting and easy attachment style. It connects to all major cellular networks and supports back to 3G. As advanced as 5G but with the ability to be compatible with all the older versions makes this "Shotglass" truly ideal for vehicular use. These antennas will future-proof your business systems and adapt to many major changes yet to take place in the technology industry. 

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