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Why You Should Consider the GMRS Mobile/Vehicular Antenna

Posted by May Sefin on

When searching for a robust mobile/vehicular GMRS antenna you really need to put a lot of research and consideration into the task. 


High Resilience Building Material

When dealing with an antenna that will transmit information on a long term basis, you need it to be composed of strong and durable material. That is definitely the case with the GMRS mobile antenna. This Antenna is composed of stainless steel. There is nothing stronger and more durable. This build makes it reliable for the foreseeable future.

Ease of Set-Up 

Another factor that is very critical when making a decision is how easy it is to install the Antenna. The GMRS Mobile Antenna comes with a loaded base with a standard NMO connection that can be easily fixed to a GMRS NMO mount without the need for a ground plane. Our GMRS NMO Thru-hole mount has an adjustable nut that can be used for roof thickness up to 1/2". 

Appropriate Gain and Efficiency

Of high importance of course is how much power is transmitted in the direction of the antenna, also known as gain. The gain of the GMRS Mobile is 5 dBi, providing the focus of power needed to transmit the signal far out. The GMRS gets the job done when you are driving around on business or pleasure. The efficiency is proven in practice.

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