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Public Safety Industry Updates!

Posted by May Sefin on

Public safety grows with each passing year in keeping with the fast growth of the population. It is a massively large industry and needs all the support and technological advancement it can find. We understand this concern here at Arcadian and have custom designed our antennas by working with our upfitters and keeping the safety of the public in the forefront of our work. Here are just some of our many designs.

"Brick" Designed Antenna


The "Brick" style shown above is a 4G/5G, 5-in-1 Antenna for Mobile Cellular Routers. It is used on public safety vehicles of all sizes.

Tri-Band Antenna

Our Tri-band antenna is extremely cost-effective for its value and design. It is a Tri-Band Antenna For Motorola APX8500 and Harris All band P25 Radio. 

NMO Mount for Motorola APX8500

Our NMO mount comes with 17 Ft of RG-58U Cable and has a QMA Connector installed. It comes in clutch for the Public Safety fleet. The mount is sturdy and weather-resistant. it is extremely reliable for users who do not have time to worry about technological glitches and need to focus efforts on keeping society functioning. 

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