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Tri-Band Antenna For Motorola APX8500 (AN000131A01) & Harris All band P25 Radio.150/450/758

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Tri-Band Antenna For Motorola APX8500 (AN000131A01) & Harris All band P25 Radio.150/450/758

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The RFMAX RBC150/450/758 is a Tri-band Whip antenna with a spring base designed for the Motorola’s  APX8500™ and Harris Unity XG™, Harris All band & All-band P25 Radios. It is equivalent to the PCTEL PCTWSLMR and Motorola AN000131A01 all-band MONOPOLE antenna and operates over 150-174MHz, 430-520MHz & 750-870MHz offering a gain of 0dBi/5dBi/4dBi respectively. These antennas have standard NMO / New Motorola mounting. NMO cable kits, such as the NMOKHFUD series can be purchased separately on this website.  This antenna survives low hanging obstacles MUCH better than the AN000131A01 (PCTWSLMR).

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Arcadian Inc. is pleased to present the RFMAX Triband Whip Antenna, part # RBC150/450/758 . This antenna was designed to be paired with the Motorola APX4500 &APX 8500, as well as the Harris All band mobile radios, and will maximize the coverage area of any All-band P25 mobile radio. These all-band radios enable first responders to use a single mobile radio to exchange critical voice and data communications between multiple agencies and jurisdictions operating on different frequency bands. The RBC150/450/758 triband whip antenna provides an all in one solution by offering just ONE antenna operating at all three bands: 150-174 MHz, 430-520 MHz, and 750-870MHz. We’ve heard from many users of the Motorola APX8500 that the antennas supplied by the manufacturer that have a tall solid base which cannot survive impact from branches and overhead structures, often causing the antenna to pull the entire NMO mount out of the vehicles rooftop. The RBC150/450/758 solves this problem by utilizing a low-positioned, flexible spring, to survive virtually any impact.



SKU RBC150450758
Manufacturer Part Number RBC150/450/758
Manufacturer RFMAX
Antenna Category Tri-band (VHF-UHF-700/800 MHz)
Working Frequency VHF:150-174 MHz
Gain Unity 0 dBi
Working Frequency 2 UHF: 430-520 MHz
Gain 2 5 dBi
Working Frequency 3 P25: 700/800: 750-870 MHz
Gain 3 4 dBi
Antenna Style Base Coil Antennas
Polarity Vertical
Bands Multi
Directional or Omni Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ohms
Max Input Power (W) 100 Watts
VSWR: < X: 1 <2:1 at 150-165, 430-490 & 750-870 MHz. <2.5:1 at 165-174 & 490-520 MHz
Spring Loaded Yes
Height/Length (inches) 17.81 inches
Height/Length (mm) 452.5 mm
Thickness/Diameter (inches) 1.61 inches
Thickness/Diameter (mm) 40.9 mm
Weight (lbs) 0.45 lbs.
Weight (grams) 205 grams
Material Stainless Steel
Operating Temp (celsius) -40 to +85 C
Mount Style NMO
Color Black
Connector 1 NMO
IP Rating IP67
OK for Outdoor Use Yes
Vehicular Yes
Ground Plane Required Yes
Product Condition New