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Our Solutions for the Shortage of RFID Antennas in Today's Market!

Posted by May Sefin on

As you may have noticed, there is a shortage in many products in the current market. Antennas are no different. Lately, many buyers have been on the search for Zebra RFID Antennas AN510-CFCL60001US, AN510-CSCL60003US, and AN520-FCL60010US. However, they have often been found out-of-stock with no anticipated return date. 

We Maintain a Heavily-Stocked Inventory 

Being Wholesale Distributor of RFID Antennas, we keep identical RFID Antennas in stock and ensure that our inventory is always in abundance. We plan ahead for situations like these so that any RFID Installers, Integrators, Resellers or OEM who are in need can find a solution in real time!

Our Replacement Solution

In this particular case, we have equivalent parts to the three out-of-stock Zebra antennas mentioned below:


Our Unbeatable Prices



Our RFMAX RFID Antenna shown here is not only an identical match to the out-of-stock inventory but it is more affordable as well. Our products are of the same quality but with a price that is more easily accessible to growing business owners. 

Our price is currently listed at $167 whereas the Zebra part was last selling for $215. Our prices are truly unmatched. We do not negotiate on quality for price either, we just ensure fairness in business and understanding for clientele and national inflation issues and how it affects buyers. 

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