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The TOP Low Profile RFID Antennas in Production - # R9028-LPV-SSF

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The R9028-LPV-SSF is a Circularly Polarized outdoor RFID Antenna working at FCC frequencies (902-928 MHz) from RFMAX and is a legend on the RFID Antenna market. One of the reasons for that is its slim design.

This RFID Antenna is 10 x 10 inches and is only 0.5 inches thick. Its slimmer design makes it easier to install, and fit in tight and space-constrained applications. Read on as we explain a few more reasons why this one rises to the top of demand in the RFID Antenna industry.

RFMAX’s High Standards for Quality

RFMAX's products are not just made from any random building material that is usable. The brand's standards require using rugged and sturdy material that provides electrical insulation protection and that is the reason this antenna is made of UV resistant-ABS material. RFMAX goes above and beyond industry standards to provide the end consumer with a reliable antenna that can outlast many different conditions and is certified at IP67 rating which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. 

In Sync with Rain RFID Solution

This unit operates at 8.5 dBic gain, contains 68 x 68 degrees beamwidth, and is known to be the very best choice for a low-profile antenna.

The R9028-LPV-SSF RFID Antenna is compatible with Rain RFID technology. There are different technology standards in the RFID system. Two major standards are NFC and RAIN. RAIN RFID is a passive, battery-free wireless technology and it brands passive UHF RFID products and technologies that adhere to global standards. The RAIN RFID system is highly regulated and its advanced standards ensure that products are interoperable, regardless of the user. 

Outdoor Use Compatible

Because this unit carries a full IP67 rating, it is well suited for outdoor installation and comes with a fixed, side entry standard SMA-Female Connector. It is built with outdoor use in mind and can withstand harsh weather conditions, strong solar damage and other mishaps. There are 4 threaded studs to mount onto the back plate in the 100mm VESA pattern. As illustrated in the image above this antenna can be mounted on Pole or Wall with the help of compatible mounts such as HDMNT-100MM or any other VESA mounts.

This antenna also come in flush mount version. Please click here to view the flush mount part# R9028-LPF-SSF

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