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Helping a Public Safety & Surveillance Company Struggling with Poor Connectivity

Posted by May Sefin on

There are certain fields of the workforce that cannot experience a glitch in their system. These lines of work simply cannot afford any technical difficulties as there are actual lives at stake. 

One of these fields is our recent client, a large public safety and surveillance company. We acquired this client because the company was dealing with slower connectivity with its current antennas and subsequently many mishaps on a regular basis. 

Public Safety/Surveillance & the Technology Behind It


The aforementioned public safety company focuses its equipment on capturing facial details or license plates for the purposes of solving high crime. Therefore, strong connectivity and constant availability of antennas are their top concerns. The modem they use is the Peplink BR-Mini MAX and upgrading 5G version. After considering that, we offered this client the "Shotglass" Omnidirectional Antenna  # RSGB-4G/5G-3-NF. Among the advantages of this antenna are that it is very heavy-duty, high performance, and completely vandal-proof. The nature of this business requires the most upgraded and high quality technology in order to stay afloat. A strong antenna such as the RFMAX Shotglass is the force behind the scenes keeping public safety optimal. 

Capable of Adjustment / Adaptable  

This Omnidirectional Antenna can be installed easily as it comes with a permanent N Female bulkhead mounting. It is able to accommodate the various different wireless generations that are in circulation. It has been approved for use when upgrading 2G/3G EVDO and CDMA to 4G/5G/LTE. Companies like this customer work in conjunction with their local police departments to deter crime. Antennas for this business need to be wide band and adaptable to different data carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, etc., as well as have future-proofing capabilities in order to be a good fit and that is exactly what this RFMAX Antenna is.  

Mounts Perfectly for Client's Purposes

The low profile direct mount antenna we provided is primarily used for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications across the 3G/4G/LTE/5G bands of 617-7125 MHz. This includes the new Band 71 (617- 698 MHz) and CBRS Bands 42 and 48 (3.4-3.7 GHz). It is therefore a perfect antenna when accessing license plate recognition software.  This antenna's setup therefore allow it to connect easily to the different cellular networks. It works seamlessly with the needs of our client. Additionally it is a black antenna which allows it to blend into the environment and remain inconspicuous. Here is an up close image: 

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