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Empowering FIRE, EMS & NASCAR with Advanced Portable Scanner Antennas

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When searching for VHF/UHF antennas, the RFMAX Part # RHWA-450-SBM comes to the surface fairly quickly. Having been renowned for its unbreakable construction and higher quality, we always ensure this scanner antenna remains in stock due to its extremely high demand. This brand is a much higher-than-average quality UHF / VHF antenna. It comes in use in both the 150 MHz VHF band and the 450-470 Mhz UHF frequency ranges.

The Ultimate Scanner Antenna

Scanner Antenna for Portable Hand-Held Police Fire EMS & NASCAR.  Hi-Performance, Long Range For UHF & VHF with BNC | RHWA-450-SBM


This RFMAX antenna is dubbed the ultimate antenna because it has the trifecta;  strong build, very far and wide range, and multi-use.   

This 10 inch tall base-loaded "halfwave" build is of the highest quality UHF / VHF Antenna. This is a thick stainless steel and cutting edge scanner antenna. Its building materials are heavy duty and built to survive all kinds of weather conditions, wear and tear, and other unexpected events that would break down a lesser antenna. The antenna is terminated with a stainless steel BNC type connector, which works with every UHF scanner and GMRS radio that has a typical BNC connector, including: Radio Shack, Whistler, Uniden Bearcat, etc.  This is a very popular unit for the Uniden Bearcat BC125AT.

This portable scanner antenna also has been tested and proven that it far surpasses the range of the majority of other scanner antennas. It is not an ordinary antenna that performs on a basic level. The construction of this particular antenna allows it to receive transmissions at a far greater range than typical scanner antennas circulating in today's market. 

This versatile scanner antenna also comes to serve many purposes. It has been used to monitor Public Safety (police, fire and EMS) channels. That is one of its primary uses, however this portable hand-held antenna also comes in clutch for auto racing bands, such as the likes of NASCAR. This is due to its high performance. This antenna adheres to public safety standards and beyond. Its portable and adaptable nature makes it fit into the equipment of many industries nicely.

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