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How We Teamed Up with an Overseas RFID Antenna Company to Optimize Stocking & Distribution

Posted by May Sefin on

The world of RFID is a small one, with very few corporations taking the responsibility of equipping businesses and other consumers with RFID Antennas. That is why whenever we find a likeminded organization with a passion for Antennas and RFID readers, we seize on the opportunity to collaborate.

Our Story with Times-7

The chapter of our story with Times-7 began a decade ago when we decided to team up with a shared interest in further distributing RFID Antennas across the U.S. and greater North American region. Times-7 specializes in Rain RFID supply in their homeland of New Zealand and wanted to expand and take on the American landscape. Arcadian's strong presence in the Antenna industry for over 21 years and our efficient stocking and distribution logistics made us a natural first choice. Arcadian currently supplies over 60% of all RFID antennas in production. 

Times-7 sells different antenna products as well but primarily specializes in RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas. We proudly sell their highly sought-after RFID antennas as an authorized distributor for many years. We provide financing to retail customers, integrators, and installers of RFID products. Arcadian has a working relationship with all the top retail customers integrators and installers of RFID products, making us a one-stop shop for our shared customers. We only select the very best in the business to collaborate with and that is why our partnership with Times-7 has worked so well for so many years. Times-7, being prolific producers of high-quality RAIN antennas, was the perfect match.

One of Our Most In-Demand Times-7 RFID Products!

Statistically one of our most demanded Times-7 items is the A5010-60001 10x10 inch SlimLine Low-Profile IP67 Flush Mount. It is a top IP67- rated Circularly Polarized panel antenna in today's RFID antenna market. It is a 10 x 10 inch panel that emanates 8.5 dBi of gain in the FCC frequency of 902-928 Mhz. Here it is to check out more thoroughly:

A5010-60001 10x10 inch SlimLine Low-Profile IP67 Flush Mount Circularly Polarized RFID Antenna - FCC


We hope you enjoyed reading about our partnership with the high tech Times-7 company. We look forward to a long and strong international partnership. Are you looking for another RFID product? Reach out to us for any assistance at all:

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