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Securing the Best Quality Antenna for UHF RFID Installations

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When a reader sends a signal to an RFID tag, the signal transmits back onto the antenna reader in quick fashion. At least, that is what is supposed to happen.

Most antennas for RFID readers are underperforming and leading to delays in capture which have real world consequences. We have isolated the best performing antennas in this post so you can avoid any issues in your business.

The New RFMAX IP54 LHCP Antenna for FCC RFID Readers



The antenna illustrated above has right hand circular polarization so the waves emanate in a clockwise direction. The left hand circular make is also available for order. 

Our stock is versatile enough to have both versions; the left hand and right hand circular polarity. Both directions of radiation out of the antenna's electromagnetic field are options.

The RFMAX RCPL-902-8-RTM-8 is renowned in the Antenna Industry for passive UHF RFID installations. It is a sturdy panel antenna with reception and transmission in line with the FCC, operating in the 902-928 MHz frequency band and sporting 8.5 dBi of gain.   

 Unique Advantages of these Antenna Models

Circularly-polarized (CP) antennas have many advantages such as insensitivity to polarization locations and strong anti-interference ability. These are among some of the features that make CP antennas highly in demand among businesses or even antenna enthusiasts. The biggest advantage of using a circularly polarized RFID antennas is when these are used in situations where the orientation of the RFID tag to the reader antenna varies or is random. Since the waves are moving in a circular pattern, they have a better chance of hitting the RFID tag/ reading the tag.


Another reason these RFMAX CP antennas are being ordered by consumers so often is because of their smart design. They both are slim and square. The antennas are compact at only 10 inches in height and width. The antennas are also highly efficient, being the ONLY antenna series that is certified to the US Navy's HERO standards for use on military projects (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance-MIL-STD-464A). 

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