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How RFID Antennas are Solving Today's Supply Chain Challenges

Posted by May Sefin on

For a little background, RFID is a passive, battery-free IoT technology that identifies line items and tracks inventory. It is a prized tool across many industries, supply chain especially. In this blog post we will explain exactly why that has become the case.

The Supply Chain Concerns that RFID Addresses

The issues that those in the supply chain sector most report back are shipping and tracking challenges, inside that specifically needing more space for packing and staging orders, increasing slow speeds of movement, and improving disorganized or bad quality data. The solution for these bottleneck areas is a more intelligent data system that can be deployed easily without requiring too much resources or manpower.

Enter the RAIN RFID. RFID individual tags are inexpensive, making it easy for large companies to tag much more items. This can sustain large scale operations very seamlessly. There is an initial RFID infrastructure set-up cost, but the smooth and problem-free functioning of the business over the long term will make any earlier investment worth it many times over.

RFID Antenna for Impinj-Zebra-Alien-ThingMagic RFID Readers. Low Profile,10x10 Inch with 100mm VESA Mount | R9028-LPV-SSF

Furthermore, RFID technology, being on the edge of advancement, identifies up to 1000 items per second at a distance of only a few centimeters to a few meters and without needing a line of sight. RFID systems are connected to the cloud, making all business processes accessible to all stakeholders of any size corporation.  

According to a recent poll taken, 75% of survey respondents from companies that implemented RFID indicated they were very or extremely confident in their organization’s ability to meet supply chain issues/pressures in the next two years, given their current technological toolkit. In contrast, 51% of survey respondents from companies that have not implemented RFID indicated the same. 

Clearly, this solution can work and has worked for those on the ground who must face these supply chain issues and will continue to face new challenges as business continues to develop and grow. Actually, RFID will make this growth possible in the first place.

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