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How our Antenna Device Restored Signal for an AI-Powered Security Company!

Posted by May Sefin on

With the rapid expansion of technology, some security companies are on the cutting edge of advancement. We had one such client recently come to us for assistance with their faulty antenna system. Though this company is a pioneer in the autonomous analytics and A.I. fields, they suffer traditional problems regarding signal capabilities and connectivity to networks. 

Security Company's Business Dilemma

This security-centered company was previously using RFMAX R2WA-G44WW-1-SSSRR which was mounted inside the device shown.  By having this antenna inside the top shell of the unit, signal was good, but not great. After this analysis, we offered the RBDM-G55WW-2-SSSRR-B antenna by RFMAX to be directly mounted to the top of the unit.

RBDM-G55WW-2-SSSRR-B RFMAX Antenna & Its Advantage

The client company here was shocked by the excellent service this antenna provided. For a long time - and an unacceptable amount of time for their customers - their security devices were providing subpar connection because of their location inside the enclosure pictured above. The devices this company sold are primarily used to recognize and deter common instances of trespassing, loitering and vagrancy which often lead to more serious crimes. The devices detect people, weapons like guns, vehicles and more in order to successfully do so. Therefore the devices cannot lose connection or have less than optimal signal. This is the realm of public safety and interruptions to signal have potentially extremely dangerous consequences. 

 After switching to the recommendation shown above, the client no longer experiences uninterrupted connection while the data stores and configures to produce an analysis of the situations at hand. Its users are loving the crystal clear connection as this antenna has MiMo (2 x 2) 5G with 4G backward compatibility which is usual recommended by the top carriers/internet service provides like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile etc. Having this antenna on top of the mobile security device has made all the difference. 

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