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Ordering Top Quality NMO Mounts/Cables - EM-M11001-058

Posted by May Sefin on

 EM-M11001-058: NMO Mount, 17' RG58/U cable, 30-1000 MHz, no connector 

Brass NMO Mount

  • 30-1000 MHz LMR applications
  • Comes with 17 ft RG58/U Cable
  • Heavy Duty
  • High Conductivity


Arcadian's newly manufactured NMO Mounts are incredibly versatile. They stand for "New Motorola." The one featured above is a classic example of a high-quality NMO piece. This blog post covers the benefits of NMO styles, read on to discover more information!

The Advantage of the NMO 

NMO mounts are commonly used on vehicles and they have two waterproof seals. The added advantage here is that when installed correctly it prevents the car from rusting out. The first seal, the waterproof gasket, is placed directly against the metal of your vehicle or any other metallic surface, while the second lives inside the antenna. This ensures that the connection point of the antenna always remains dry. Another convenient advantage is that once you connect an antenna to this mount, it isn't permanent. You can remove the antenna at any time and switch it out with any other.

Once mounted, the compact NMO mount only occupies 1/4" of the height above its mounting surface; it is low profile and inconspicuous. In addition to the product featured here, we also released 15 new NMO mounts from RFMAX in a variety of ranges, from brass thru-hole mounts to chrome magnetic mounts! These new additions slightly increase the vast collection we already hold in stock, so take a look!

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