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Rugged Omnidirectional Antenna That's Perfect for Base-Station Applications!

Posted by May Sefin on

The FG8960 Fiberglass Omnidirectional Base Station Antenna is a convenient and highly durable solution for base station or micro base station applications. Read on to find out why. 



FG8960: Rugged Outdoor Rated from 896 - 940 MHz Fiberglass Omnidirectional Antenna With Fixed N-Female Connector

The stand-out features:

1. Design. This antenna has a superior-quality design. It features a heavy wall gold anodized aluminum mounting sleeve and a highly polished white UV-treated fiberglass radome. The gold anodized aluminum mounting provides the heavy duty protection antennas need to function at optimal levels on a long-term, ongoing basis.  It is a durable material that is 3x harder than basic aluminum, which is already tough to begin with. It will not chip, flake, or peel. It is ultra rugged. 

2.  High Performance. This fiberglass antenna is reliable in the field, it is trusted enough that it is selected for use in commercial, public safety, and government applications around the globe. It has been tested fully by a network analyzer. Typical applications include land-based and marine radio and voice and data transmission. Its frequency is perfectly suited at 896 - 940 MHz.

3. Easy Installation. Though a complex and high-tech device, the installation is seamless and easy by comparison. It comes with an N Female industry standard connector. For mounting this antenna to a Pole/Mast or wall it requires the ROSA-HDM1 mount. No ground plane is required! It is ready to go.

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