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Why the Yagi Antenna 900MHz is a Pioneer in the Antenna Industry

Posted by May Sefin on

Being a heavy duty and rugged piece of technology, the famous Yagi Antenna is optimal for use in tough environments and a wide frequency range. It offers much more than the standard antenna and we will break down why the Yagi is considered so special in the industry it serves. 

Wide Area of Communication

Because of the shorter amount of bandwidth that the 900 MHz range contains it provides stronger signal strength than the higher ranges while still providing communication capabilities for a wide area. The wavelengths in the 900 MHz range are short enough to "fit" into narrow areas often found in commercial and residential environments.  It is the prime choice for its propagation qualities and its building penetration in rural areas as well.    

Solid Build

The make and quality of the Yagi Antenna is superior to older antenna models. It is highly durable and made from an anodized metal that provides a thick protective coating. The material is resistant to weather, wear and tear, and chemical exposure. It is three times stronger than standard aluminum. It will not chip or flake and therefore can be relied on for the long haul. We carry them in gold, silver, and black

Smart Design

The Yagi is optimized to provide strong signal in one direction. It has excellent high gain. This is due to its well-planned design. It is built with multiple elements facing the same direction to make transmission crystal clear. The Yagi dominates other antenna models because of the science behind its design.

Proven Success Across Multiple Industries

The Yagi has a proven track record of success across the utility , water, waste-water, oil & gas companies, and SCADA radio systems. This is Yagi's sweet spot. These clients advocate for this particular antenna because of its strong signal offering and unfailing transmission. 




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