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The Long-Term Reliability of Our Brick Style Antennas

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The "Brick" Antenna was a big hit when it reached the market because of its unique features. It has been proven to have a sturdy build compared to older antenna models. It cannot be compromised. This is one of its main selling points among others that we will go into.

Low Profile Advantage

When Antennas can easily blend into the background they are preferable. The Brick antennas have a small height and width. A less conspicuous antenna helps eliminate distraction from a vehicle that is used for business purposes or public safety purposes such as a police car. Police vehicles should be compact overall and not draw too much attention. This is a popular element of the Brick antenna. They are among many low-profile pieces we carry that fit in well wherever they are placed.

Strong Build

The nature of our manufactured Brick antennas is resilient and strong. They are built from a hard plastic called ABS that has great impact strength! It withstands the test of time, all kinds of weather and climate changes, and even chemical exposure. It also cannot be grabbed or removed once securely fashioned. It is anti-vandal and cannot be stolen. The weather and chemical resistant properties of the Brick antenna are very useful in a world of sporadic climate change and the circulation of so many different chemicals. 

Optimal Size -  Can Hold Many Antennas! 

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Brick is that it comes in a great size that many other antennas lack. It can fit 6 antennas inside of it. That can be useful when needing to connect to multiple systems at one time. For example, a user can fit 2 5G, 3 Wifi, and 1 GPS all inside this antenna type. This combination can be changed as well. The large size of the Brick antenna makes it very accommodating. It also means it cannot be easily crushed.


Comes with Excellent Customizations!

17ft cable and SMA

Our standard Brick antennas come with 17 ft cables and the SMA connector type. We provide many customization options! You can choose the length of the cable, whether the color is black or white, and the type of connector you need. We have made ourselves a one-stop shop for making an Antenna function and serve whatever needs you require. 

***What type of Antenna do you need? We are here if you have any questions or interest in Antenna-related products!***

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