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How a GMRS and a Coil Antenna Could've Prevented the Death of the California Mushroom Hunter

Posted by May Sefin on

There was a recent tragedy that took place in a California forest in late February. An elderly woman was separated from her daughter and husband and lost all contact with them. A search party was executed on her behalf, but had to be halted for over 24 hours due to a snowstorm that came on. For 15 agonizing days this elderly woman was missing. Her body was finally discovered on February 18. She was pronounced dead.

This heartbreaking story is a cautionary tale on the importance of provisioning for the outdoors. This family did not have communication systems that are made to work in remote places. The reality is if the family used a radio system they would not have lost contact.

GMRS radio systems are mainly used for these expeditions. Whether hunting or other remote activities, GMRS 2-way radio systems provide safety and peace of mind for explorers. They are able to communicate well because of the Base-Loaded Antenna that securely fashions on vehicles and continuously enables a strong signal even in the most remote of forests. 


The importance of an Antenna in the Wild



Even the most well-designed radios will not perform their function without a strong antenna. The antenna featured here provides you with ultra high frequency between 450 to 470 MHz. It would have kept this family in contact during their what was supposed to be a fun bonding activity. This antenna has excellent unity gain. It keeps people connected and safe. The daughter in this family was also briefly missing for a day and found with mild hypothermia. Thankfully she survived but it is another example of a senseless event that she should not have suffered through. In this tragic scenario an antenna was very much missing. We have GMRS-compatible antennas that successfully provide service even in the most extreme climates.  This means this wife and mother would have been found in a snowstorm, thunderstorm, or any other rough weather condition. Our antennas save countless lives.

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