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The Best Antennas for Cellular 4G/5G Networks

Posted by May Sefin on

When trying to select an antenna fitting for your 4G network or the more cutting edge 5G, you need to take into account several factors. Read on to find out what specific caliber of antenna is needed to achieve success.

Advanced Antenna Features 

The advanced 5G needs an equally advanced antenna to enable its function. This is referred to as the Advanced Antenna System, or AAS. It is a mixture of AAS radio and a set of AAS features. Some of the necessary antenna techniques are beamforming and MIMO; multiple input, multiple output. With beamforming you are focusing a wireless signal towards a very specific receiving device so that is much more focused and precise. This is definitely a more modern style antenna. The 5G bands require more cells and therefore a more advanced antenna. It also needs multiple antennas at both the receiving and transmitting ends. An omnidirectional antenna with a low profile is a concentrated and technologically powerful antenna for more advanced networks.

Rugged "Omni" 4G/5G Antennas:  

The antenna presented here is branded the "Shotglass Antenna" due to its small stature and compact shape. It radiates omnidirectionally, is high-tech and supports both 4G and 5G. This makes its gain superior to the traditional gain antenna. It operates on a large frequency range (617-960/1695-7152 MHz) and therefore can be used in both vehicular and industrial applications. It is extremely versatile and has paired great with 5G all this time. 


Another version of shotglass style antenna featured here, this unique omnidirectional antenna has NMO base connections mainly used for vehicles. It is constantly regarded for its high performance and resilient build. It is a smart product with a small diameter and low profile that can seamlessly attach to any application. Having a high power rating of 45 Watts and packaged together with a sturdy NMO mount, this antenna is ready to join your 5G cellular devices! 

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