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Use External WiFi Antennas for Zebra VC8300 to Maximize Performance

Posted by Michael Crudele on

With Windows-based vehicle mount computers like the Zebra VC5090 and VC70 near end-of-life and support for Windows-based mobile devices ending, many of our customers are ready to migrate to Android based mobile computers, and most prefer the Zebra VC8300:  

We have been getting lots of calls looking for External WiFi Antennas for the Zebra VC8300 vehicle mount computer, and YES…WE HAVE ANTENNAS FOR THE VC8300. A dual / two port WiFi (MiMo) antenna is needed with magnetic mounting and RP-SMA connectors. RFMAX Antennas offers the RM1M-WW-10-RR-B, and it is IN STOCK.

If you know anyone that needs antennas for rugged mobile computers for forklifts, shag trucks, yard trucks, etc, let us know…we can help!

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