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Antennas for Public Safety Upfitters

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

We recently spoke to one of our customers who is a Vehicle Upfitter, specifically in the Public Safety sector. This company was upfitting lights, but was looking to expand their business. Specifically, they wanted to put more emphasis on the wireless communication aspect of their business. We shared the same sentiment with this company: Wireless communication is crucial and you can't let your antenna be an after thought.

Public safety vehicles typically contain a lot of different technologies including radios, computers, body cameras, etc. All of this high tech equipment is able to be used thanks to a router that is also inside the vehicle. If the router is unable to get signal, then all of this equipment will essentially become useless. You cannot risk losing communication with these devices, especially in critical situations. That is why it is crucial to make sure a highly efficient, rugged, and reliable antenna is installed on the vehicle. 

Knowing this, we worked with this upfitting company to provide them with high quality antennas they could provide to their customers. The primary router they were installing in these vehicles was the CradlePoint IRB900, so we provided the following antennas & accessories from RFMAX:


"Brick" 4G/5G, 5-in-1 Antenna for Mobile Cellular Routers

RBDMGASKET:  Adapter Gasket for RBDM "Brick" Antenna for 2020 Ford Explorer and Higher Models (fits on the ribs of the roof)
RBC150/450/758: Tri-Band Antenna For Motorola APX8500 (AN000131A01) & Harris All band P25 Radio
RNMOT-58U-SQM-C-17I: NMO Mount for Motorola APX8500 with 17 Ft of RG-58U Cable & QMA Connector Installed


The antennas and accessories from RFMAX that we provide to this company are suited for emergency vehicles, compatible with the CradlePoint router that they install, and are high quality products that can ensure a reliable connection.

Looking for an antenna or accessory that fits with your setup? Contact our team today and we will be more than happy to help!

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