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What is the BEST antenna for the Cobra 25 LTD CB Radio?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

The Cobra 25 LTD has been a popular CB radio for decades: (Here are the Cobra 25 LTD specs) 

The Cobra 25 LTD utilizes a 27 MHz “Whip Style” antenna for maximum performance.We get calls all the time from users that have lost or damaged their Cobra antenna and need to replace it, or they just simply want to purchase an antenna to maximize performance of their Cobra 25 LTD CB radio.  When people ask…What is the BEST antenna for the Cobra 25 LTD CB Radio?  We always recommend this antenna: NMO27C From Pulse.

Once you get the antenna, you’ll want to tune it by using the cut chart and following the directions for model # NMO27C. Here is a link to the cut chart: NMO27C Cut Chart.

We have found that this antenna far out-performs the Cobra CB antennas HG A1500 and HG A100, as well as all other CB radio antennas.

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  • Love cobra cb also 29ltd

    Jason Cooper on

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