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Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

At Arcadian, we want to be more than a distributor for our customers. We aim to not only stock and deliver you the highest quality products, but to be an invaluable resource.

We recently spoke to one of our customers about their previous situation regarding their antenna purchasing, and how it could have been improved. This company is an Upfitter for Public Safety Fleets and Public Works Fleets (i.e. street sweepers, pace cars, etc.). The vehicles they work with use different routers and antennas. Here is a list of the routers they are currently utilizing:

 The Motorola APX8500, APX4500. APX6500
Sierra Wireless Models RV55, RV55LTE Pro, RV50X, MP70
CradlePoint Models IBR900, IBR1100, R1900


It's easy to imagine some of the issues they would run into. Because each of their vehicles are equipped with a different antenna or router, it's a bit more difficult to get the equipment they need. The company was ordering from multiple companies in order to make sure they have the appropriate equipment for each vehicle, and in turn they ended up dealing with:

- Paying multiple bills & opening multiple accounts

- Product shipments arriving at different times

- Tracking multiple shipments from multiple sources

- Dealing with multiple contacts & phone calls

- Teaching their installers how to install multiple products that they may not be familiar with

The company also emphasized how much better the process would have been for them if they had a one stop shop for all of their antenna/wireless needs, and how it wanted to establish a relationship with one company instead of relying on multiple companies and contacts as they had been.

Arcadian was more than willing to help them in solving these issues. We analyzed the communication systems they were using and our tech support team found them the antennas, mounts, and cables that would fit their needs. They ended up choosing the following antennas for their vehicles:


As well as products from our mount/accessory collections:

NMO Mounts (link to full collection)
Adapters/Connectors/Cables (link to full collection)

We also showed them the willingness to create the professional relationship they were looking for. Arcadian offers customer service and technical support to all of our customers to ensure that they get the professional help they need in  setting up and installing/upfitting their products.

Are you looking for a one stop shop for all your antenna, mount, and cable needs? We can help! Contact our customer service or tech support teams to see how we can help you:

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