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Antennas and Digital Signage

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

If you live near any urban area, it's likely that you have taken public transportation at some point in your life. The hustle and bustle of a train or bus station can be overwhelming, but one technological advancement that has helped qualm that feeling is the digital sign. These electronic signs display the arrival times for busses/trains, and help you figure out where to go at what time.

The companies that manage these stations need to make sure that these signs are updated with accurate and timely information. Most of these companies manually control the signs from a central hub and send the updated times and locations to the digital signs. One key component to making sure this process runs smoothly is the antenna. An appropriate antenna can help ensure strong connection/communication and help keep these boards up to date.

RFMAX created the SlimFin antenna years ago with this exact application in mind. As you can see below, this antenna is sleek and slim:

It stands at right around 1.5" high and 1.6" wide, which allows the antenna to be mounted on spaces with small surface area, like a video board or digital sign. One transportation company that RFMAX spoke with was looking for an antenna that wouldn't be noticeable or look bulky, and this antenna fits the bill. A few other factors that make this antenna a perfect fit for video boards are:
  • It is waterproof, which makes it safe to use with outdoor signage
  • It has Dual 4G/LTE capability with the ability to be remotely controlled via proprietary software
  • It works with many routers/modems, including the Cradlepoint IBR900 and IBR1100 models that this company was utilizing

The Slimfin antenna is perfect not only for these signs, but for any product that only has a small amount of surface area available to place an antenna.

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