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New Age Antenna Applications

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

As technology advances, more products are becoming digitized. Every year it seem there are more and more "smart products", or products that are connected to a wireless network, introduced to the market. Each of these devices requires a network to operate, but many products are not within range of standard Wifi routers. This means they need to be equipped with their own router, as well as an antenna to get signal and connection.

But where exactly are all the routers and antennas being deployed? One company we spoke with has been finding tons of new applications in places you might not expect:

- ATM Machines, an older example, require antennas and network connection to facilitate money transactions.

- Self Service Kiosks. You may see these popping up at restaurants, doctor's offices, airlines, and many more places.

- Refrigerators. Mass refrigeration, seen at grocery stores, can be equipped with routers and antennas to help monitor the temperature and status of the refrigeration systems

- Parking and EV Charging Stations. These stations require a network connection in order for the operator of the machines to be able to manage their fleet of stations

 - Commercial Laundry Machines. A wireless network allows you to monitor these machines and respond quickly if there are any issues 

Due to all of these applications being different shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to find an antenna that fits each one. Thankfully, RFMAX offers antennas that are uniquely shaped and can fit any application.



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