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How Technology is Improving Our Weekly Errands

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

Technology is constantly changing and improving, and we've seen it start to significantly change our day to day tasks. We want to highlight one company who is trying to change up a weekly chore for all of us: in store shopping.

This company has developed a line of mobile digitally enhanced shopping carts. The goal for these carts is to deliver a positive, educational, multidimensional experience that entertains and involves children while parents are shopping. You can see an example of the cart here:

Naturally, a unique product comes with some unique challenges in terms of wireless connectivity/wireless devices. For data, the company was using the EC25AF router from Quectel. This router has proven efficient for them, but they were looking for the right antenna to pair with it. They wanted a single antenna due to the fact that having one antenna instead of two or more would help cut down manufacturing time and keep up with their demand. Additionally, it was important that they found an antenna that could be easily mounted on a shopping cart white not ruining the aesthetic of the cart either.

We found an antenna from RFMAX that thought would be the perfect solution for them: The RFMAX R2WAG44WW10SSSRR

This antenna has WIFI/GPS/4G LTE capabilities which works perfectly with the router mentioned above, is Dual MIMO WiFi and MIMO LTE, and it is a 5 in 1 antenna, which eliminates the need for 5 separate antennas. The mount is adhesive and the unit is small enough to fit onto the pillars of the shopping cart, thus allowing the aesthetic to remain in tact.

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