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Mounting Hardware for A5060 Large Shelf Antennas

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Q) Is there any mounting hardware for A5060 Large Shelf Antennas?


A) Unfortunately, A5060 Large Shelf Antennas does not have any available mounting hardware because they basically “sit” on a shelf or mount flush to a wall. If you would prefer to find a “mount-able” extra-large antenna you should look at the antenna below…


RFMAX's Description on How to Set-Up an Antenna with the HDMNT-100MM Mount and a Mounting Plate

The green arrow points to RFMAX’s R9029-XL-12SSF antenna. This part is a 30 x 12.5 x 0.5 inch, 9 dBic antennae that can be mounted on a wall, mast, etc. It’s a low profile circularly polarized RFID antenna that operates in the FCC range of 902-928 MHz and includes a 12-inch pigtail with SMA-Female connectors.

The orange arrow points to RFMAX’s HDMNT-100MM mount, a heavy-duty die-cast bracket that articulates to both vertical and horizontal plane. Designed to hold any device that utilizes 100mm VESA mounting patterns.

The red arrow points to a mounting plate, part # 71634. You would utilize this mounting plate and the heavy-duty mount (HDMNT-100MM) highlighted above to post the antenna. The mounting plate is suitable for both interior and exterior mounting requirements under all environmental conditions.

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