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Can RFMAX HDMNT-100MM be used with square posts?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Q) Can the RFMAX part # HDMNT-100MM be used with square posts?


A) Yes, you can use RFMAX’s HDMNT-100MM on square posts. There are three ways you can do this and it can be fairly simple to accomplish. There are three ways you can set up the bracket and it depends on whether the post is metal or wood. If the post is wooden, you can align the mounting holes vertically parallel to the post and drive lag bolts into the wooden beam. If the post is metal, you can drill and use a nut and bolt combination to mount the bracket directly to the post. The bracket can also be fixed to a wooden or metal post with the straps given with the HDMNT-100MM mount. Images are located below. 


Mount Instruction HDMT-100MM mounted on a pole


Please note that such type of installation can be used with thick posts, bollards, and poles more than 3 inches in diameter.


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