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Maximize the Reach of the Telguard TG-7

Posted by Michael Crudele on

A customer reached out to us and mentioned he was having connection issues with his TG-7 Cellular Communicator from Telguard. He was using the antenna for his fire alarm system located in his warehouse. Here are our recommendations for improving his connection:

To maximize the reach of your Telguard TG-7, 5G LTE-M Commercial, Industrial, and Financial Cellular Alarm Communicator, you need to remove the existing “rubber ducky” antenna, and install an external antenna OUTSIDE the building. See the original antenna below:



Note that this solution will work for ANY 4G/LTE or 5G communicator. Once you remove the original antenna, follow these steps:

Step 1: Figure out how long of a cable you will need to get your antenna from the TG-7 communicator to the outside of the building. Once you determine that, you can choose the appropriate length cable below:

10 Foot Cable
25 Foot Cable
50 Foot Cable
75 Foot Cable
100 Foot Cable


Step 2: Purchase a new 5G antenna.

We recommend RFMAX part # RSGB-4G/5G-3 NF

The RSGB-4G/5G-3 NF: Shotglass Omni Antenna For Cellular 4G/LTE, Band 71 & 5G


Step 3: Purchase bracket for your new antenna. Part# SBA1001 will work with the antenna above.

SBA1001: Aluminum Mounting Bracket for Antennas with N-Female Permanent Mount - 5/8 inch


When these parts arrive, power down your system, then simply remove the “rubber ducky” antenna, attach the TNC connector end of the coaxial cable, run the cable to the outside of the building, mount the SBA1001 angle bracket outside the building, attach the RSGB-4G/5G-3-NF antenna through the bracket, and attach the N-Male connector end of the coaxial cable to the antenna.  Finally, re-power your TG-7 communicator.

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