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RFMAX Antennas - Better Design, Better Performance

Posted by Michael Crudele on

We wanted to take a minute to highlight RFMAXa US based team of RF antenna, mount and cable specialists. Their antennas are consistently one of the best performing models, are built to be durable enough for any application, and their primary focus is designing and building antennas that will work for all of their customer's real life situations and scenarios.

Here are a few examples of RFMAX antennas being used within different industries:


The RFMAX Brick antenna has been used on agricultural vehicles. This is due to the fact that it is 1. Low Profile and is less likely to get in the way of branches or debris and 2. It is very durable and any damage that could be caused out in the field will be minimal. You can see a photo of an autonomous tractor that was equipped with the RFMAX Brick, as well as the antenna next to it.




A new feature rolling out to retail stores is a system that will keep shopping carts from being stolen, as well as digital interfaces on the carts that will help keep children occupied. RFMAX has covert/disguised low profile antennas, such as their wedge antennas, that will not only provide strong performance, but will be hidden and keep from ruining the aesthetic of these carts. Additionally, these antennas do not require you to dill any holes as they have an adhesive tape that is used for mounting. You can see one of these carts below, as well as one of the wedge antennas from RFMAX:


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