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Hardware for Side Mounting onto Wooden Phone Poles

Posted by Michael Crudele on

A short while ago we received a client inquiry regarding the implementation of a large system featuring 56 pcs of Yagi or Omni Fiberglass antennas. They were unsure if the Yagi (YA5900W) or Omni fiberglass (FG9026) antennas came with mounting hardware. They wanted to make sure that if the antennas didn’t come with mounting equipment they could order the correct gear through our website.


The YA5900W includes a mast mounting kit while the FG9026 does not. You would have to purchase part # ROSA-HDM1 separately. Both of the antenna mounts are designed to work on a pipe about 2-2.5 inches in diameter. If you would like to side mount these antennas to wooden phone poles we recommend that you mount a 2 – 2.5” diameter pipe perpendicular to the wooden pole, which unfortunately we do not sell. Then you would mount the antenna and bracket to the pipe.


YA5900W (left) and FG9026 (right)


Please note: The Laird fiberglass (“FG”) antennas do NOT come with mounting, you need to purchase part # ROSA-HDM1 separately.


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