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Will the Times-7 A1115 read normal far-field UHF tags?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Q) Will the Times-7 part # A1115 read normal far-field UHF tags or do I need some kind of special near-field tag?



A) Recently, we were approached with a question about the Times-7 A1115 reader. The client wanted to know if Times-7 part # A1115 would read a normal far-field tag. First off, I’d like to start off by saying that there aren’t special tags for near-field or far-field UHF RFID antennas. All passive tags can be read by all RFID readers/antennas – that includes far and near field antennas.


Therefore, to answer your question, the Times-7 part # A1115 WILL read all near-field/far-field/hybrid UHF RFID tags. You can determine the read distance by your choice of tag and the reader settings. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the read distance for all the tags in the market based on the differing reader settings, but you may use gain specification to compare the antennas abilities.


Below you will find a table that shows the gain measurements for our near-field antennas:


NF Antenna

Gain (dBi)



A5020 NF









Note: You would read the above chart as such, “NF antenna A1163 is stronger than the A5020 NF but slightly weaker than the A1115.”


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