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Equivalent to Intermec Antenna 1309-57-0087 Needed

Posted by Michael Crudele on

An RFID system integrator came in this afternoon complaining that after Intermec discontinued antenna part # 1309-57-0087, they had no equivalent high-gain RFID antennas to offer their clients.     The 1309-57-0087 antenna has the following specifications:  Size: 14.6 x 14.6 inches & 4.4 Lbs. Frequency Range: 902-928 MHz (UHF, FCC, RFID) Gain: 10 dBic Polarity: RHCP/right hand circularly Rating: IP67 - outdoor rated Beamwidth: 60 x 45 degrees at 3 dB   Here is what we suggested (below) If you are in the same situation, these are models that you should consider:    A6034: (12x30 inches) /a6034-70809-30x12-inch-circularly-polarized-slimline-rfid-antenna-fcc.html   A6034S: (15x15 inches) /a6034s-71003-15x15-inch-circularly-polarized-slimline-rfid-antenna-fcc.html...

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