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Pulse Electronics DASLTE-500NF "Piminator" Low PIM SiSo antenna -AT&T approved (AT&T # ANT.14433)

Posted by Michael Crudele on

NP&E National RAN Field Notice / RF Product General Availability Notice.  


Attention all carrier engineers, AT&T Turf Vendors, Neutral Host DAS, and iDAS installers...


As of February 3, 2014, the PIMINATOR, Ultra-Low PIM broadband 3G/4G-LTE In-Building DAS SiSo from Pulse Electronics, part #DASLTE-500NF has been formally approved by AT&T.  Item master number ANT.14433 has been assigned to the part.  Click Here for details.


This antenna is the perfect alternative to the traditional SiSo antennas in the market today.  


This antenna has better performance, lower prices, and CAN SHIP FROM STOCK!  


Go ahead, Shop around, and compare to: 


CSS / JMA Wireless Tru-Omni # TRU-OMNI S727

Commscope Cellmax # CELLMAX-O-CPUSEI

Cellular Specialties ClearLink #  CL-O/698-2.7K/N

Huber & Suhner #  1399.17.0114

Galtronics "Pear" # 02108261-04772



For the full technical datasheet on the Pulse Electronics PIMINATOR In-Building 3G/4G-LTE omnidirectional SiSO antenna, Click Here.


MSRP on this unit: $89.00 (but, for our partners out there in the DAS world, just go to our website, or call for YOUR price)


We have nearly 2,000 pcs available for your next iDAS installation - Contact Us Today.


Phone # 1-888-925-5967


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