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Arcadian Inc. releases new datasheet for Laird's 698-960 / 1710-2700 MHz ceiling mount MiMO antenna for DAS

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We wanted to post this information ASAP for our cellular carriers and neutral host DAS partners.  This week, Laird released a more detailed spec on their ceiling mount, dual input MiMo antenna for 3G 4G LTE.  The CMD69273P series of antennas is well know as the industry leader for MiMo performance, and ultra low profile (only 8.5 in. diameter and 1.5 in. height)  Now, Laird reveals just how good this model is, by putting even more detail in this December datasheet release.


The datasheet covers the following models:


CMD69273P-30NF: Dual 30cm (12”) cables with Dual Type N-Female Low PIM connectors  ***IN STOCK at ARCADIAN***


CMD69273P-FNF: Direct Connect / no cables, with Dual, fixed  Type N-Female Low Pim connectors


CMD69273P-46NF: Dual 46cm (18”) cables with Dual Type N-Female Low PIM connectors


Product description: The CMD69273P is an indoor broadband low PIM 2-port MIMO omnidirectional ceiling mount antenna.  It is designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for indoor requirements at 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz frequency bands. The individual antenna elements are designed with linear H/V-polarization components oriented to provide a pattern that has been specifically shaped to provide optimal performance from a ceiling mount location.



• Low Profile aesthetically neutral housing
• Mounts directly and easily to ceiling tile
• Wide bandwidth 700/850/900/1800/1900/UMTS/2300/2400/2500
• Two radiating elements optimized for indoor MIMO Applications
• Low cross correlation between radiating elements
• Low Passive Intermodulation
• Conformance to RoHS



• Cellular
• 802.11 a/b/g/n
• Warehouse, Offices and Meeting Rooms
• Hotels, Museums, Libraries, Retail Malls
• Airport, Bus Terminals and Train Stations
• Other in-building areas



• Complete cellular and 3G/4G data communications in a single antenna
• Radiating elements are oriented to provide maximal coverage
• To mitigate the multipath polarization propagation issue, each radiating element is designed to have dual-linear H/V polarization characteristics


For the full spec sheet, click here.




Or, click here for price and availability information.


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