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Product updates: Times-7 SlimLine low profile UHF RFID antennas: RTAS race timing mat antenna, A6590C, A1030 & A7030C

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A6590C Revision - World’s most powerful circular ground antenna


Available since late January, Times-7 is pleased to announce upgraded specifications of its unique A6590C Circularly Polarized Ground Antenna. Already a highly desirable antenna for ease of deployment to track and monitor RFID tagged products, people or assets, the A6590C now packs a full 9dBic of antenna gain. Overcoming barriers to deploying either a full sized portal or traditional side antennas, the A6590C is making RFID deployments possible in new ways.  From conference attendee tracking to liberating retail store entrance ways, the A6590C is the perfect choice for implementing RFID seamlessly and unobtrusively.

Click here for more information on the world's most powerful circular ground antenna


New Product Releases

Whilst we have your attention, we are pleased to remind you of three new additions to our antenna catalogue released in November last year.

A1030 - World's thinnest & largest near field UHF antenna

Offering the world’s largest working surface in a near field antenna, and at just 6.5 mm / 0.25 in. thick, the A1030 is opening up new possibilities for item level RFID tracking, such as in Jewelry, Libraries, Retail POS, Pharmacy & Healthcare - in fact, anywhere a short range read is required. 

Click here, to take a closer look at the thinnest and largest near field antenna around, where literally less does offer you more…


SlimLine RTAS - a complete race timing antenna system in a class of its own

Fully optimized for race timing and event management applications, SlimLine RTAS is a complete high performance ground mat antenna system. Ready to be deployed in just a matter of minutes, RTAS offers true portability with fast and easy setup, with an ingenious connection and colour-coded cable channel system. Heralded by industry experts, RTAS is a highly desirable RFID antenna solution for anyone in the world of race-timing & event management.

Click here to take a closer look why SlimLine RTAS is in a class of its own


The A7030C - the smartest antenna on the shelf

With its innovative ‘Array-Ability’ design, the A7030C offers a highly scalable and customized RFID antenna product solution. Combining ultra-low profile and intelligent scalable design in a high-performance circular polarised UHF antenna, the A7030C is ideal for existing shelving systems.
Providing real-time asset & inventory management, the A7030C is especially suited to retail item level tracking.

Click here to discover why the A7030C is quite simply, the smartest antenna on the shelf

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