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Mobile Command Centers: Ensuring Mission Critical Product Communication

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

Mobile command centers, such as the one pictured below, contain technology and products that can be life saving. These mission critical products are exactly that: critical. Were they to lose connection or stop functioning properly, people's lives could be at risk.
We had a company reach out to us and ask if there was any way we could help them get reliable and high bandwidth signal to their products. Additionally, they wanted a product that would work with all of the different equipment. To provide cellular data, the company was utilizing a couple of different modems from Dejero: The Dejero GateWay M6E6 and the GateWay 211. 
To ensure strong connection, we recommended them antennas from the RFMAX Brick Antenna Collection:

The Brick series of antennas offer high gain for maximum connection speeds. They are easy to install, approved for all major cellular carriers, and are optimized to work with any router, including the routers from Dejero that this company was already using.

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