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Antennas for Access Control Solutions

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

Keeping your business safe from theft and damages is of the upmost importance. As technology is advancing, more and more security systems are being developed to make sure your property is protected. It's important to make sure these systems are correctly equipped with the technology they need to function properly, and one of our recent customers spoke with us about helping them with that.

This company, as we mentioned, is in the access control solutions industry, or in other words, they specialize in video surveillance. Their products essentially work as a virtual security guard and have been deployed in places such as government buildings, solar energy farms, construction sites, and many more. Below you can see some examples of these systems and the boxes that are used to hold the modems/cables:



Inside of these boxes, this company was using Cradlepoint IBR900 routers to provide cellular data for their cameras. This allows the feed of the video to be sent to wherever the video is being monitored from/recorded to. As you can imagine, making sure this feed is uninterrupted and clear is widely important for this product. Equipping the routers with the correct antenna will ensure this.

We recommended that this company utilize the RFMAX RBDM-G55WW-2-SSSRR-B (also available in white) otherwise known as the RFMAX Brick Antenna. This antenna can been seen attached to the boxes in the photos above.

This antenna is easily mounted on any electrical/storage box used with routers/ It is also optimized for 4G/LTE or 5G modems and routers from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, PepLink, MultiTech, etc.

We were happy to help provide an antenna that will make sure their camera feeds are working as expected, and are helping to keep property and businesses safe.

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